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Frequently Asked Questions


1.††† How can I send my credentials by courier?

Please use the Certified Mail, Certified Priority Mail or Express Mail service of the U.S. Postal Service.  For clients outside the U.S.:  Contact IACE for a physical address for the courier.


2.††† Can I get my high school credential on one evaluation and my university credential in a separate evaluation?

All credentials are included in one evaluation.  We must report on your entire educational history in one report.  In preparing the report, IACE is stating that the information included is complete and correct.


3.††† How long will IACE keep my documents and my evaluation?

Documents and evaluations submitted to IACE are kept for five (5) years.  After that time, a new evaluation must be prepared.

Note:  Always keep a copy of the original evaluation report.  If after five years you find that you need an additional original, you will need to re-apply online for an evaluation, submitting your credentials and fees again.

Note:  If you applied for an evaluation but did not receive it due to incomplete client records or pending verification of records, your file will remain active for a period of six (6) months.  After six (6) months, your file will become inactive.  To re-activate your file, you must apply again and pay the appropriate fees.


4.††† What do I do if I canít get a copy of my transcripts and diplomas?

IACE does not assume the responsibility for obtaining records.  In order to have an evaluation prepared, you must have your complete records including transcripts/marksheets and diploma/degree certificates.  If you do not have your records, we recommend that you contact your schools directly or, if your school no longer exists, your Ministry of Education.  The embassy of your country in the U.S. may be able to help.


5.††† Why do I need to send my transcript if I am just requesting a General Evaluation?

IACE must have complete records in order to prepare an evaluation.  Transcripts help us verify the authenticity of diplomas.


6.††† What kind of evaluation do I need to apply for Teacher Certification?

You will need the Detailed Evaluation.  Some school districts also require the grade point average (GPA) so you may need to request that this be included in your evaluation.  There is a place in the online application for you to indicate that you also need the GPA included.  The cost is an additional $30 in addition to the evaluation fee.  Check with the school district to which you are applying to determine how many originals they will need and if they require the GPA.  Each additional original evaluation, after the two provided with the initial evaluation, will cost $25.


7.††† Does IACE evaluate work experience?

IACE evaluates only formal educational credentials.  We do not evaluate work experience or non-credit education.



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