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Types of Evaluations and Fees for New Clients

(10+ business days processing time)


General Evaluation

Statement of equivalency in relation to U.S. educational system (for example, a U.S. high school diploma, a U.S. Bachelor’s degree, Vocational Training in a specific area, U.S. Master’s degree).  Two (2) original evaluation reports are provided.


Detailed Evaluation

Statement of equivalency relative to the U.S. educational system as well as course-by-course listing of subjects with grades (adjusted for U.S. grading scales) and corresponding U.S. credit hours earned at the university level.  Two (2) original evaluation reports are provided.




Types of Services and Fees for Returning Clients

(10+ business days processing time)


Upgrade Evaluation

From General to Detailed or from Detailed to General


Add New Credentials

Add new credentials to a General or Detailed Evaluation




Additional services that can be included only in a Detailed Evaluation (for New and Returning Clients):


Grade Point Average

Calculation of the GPA for each credential on a 4.00 scale.


Course Level

Lower/Upper Division and professional courses notated.


Licensing Board Information

If you are applying to a licensing board, please send IACE the specific requirements required by the board.


Full Course Descriptions

Client must provide IACE with a printed version of the description of each subject studied through the original institution.


Catalogue Match

Course by course evaluation of one educational record, matching subjects studied at a foreign college or university with courses offered by one U.S. college or university.  Applicant must submit to IACE an official printed catalogue/syllabus from the foreign institution in the native language with an ATA certified translation prepared in the United States and the official printed catalog from the U.S. institution.


per school






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